Denise Wolfe - Web Designer in Kelowna BC Founder of Prim and Polished Digital Solutions

Hello, I’m Denise!

Founder of Prim and Polished Digital Solutions and PrettyLittleSite.com

If you are reading this, my goal for your business is to bring the beauty and elegance you love into the online world. My interest in the beauty industry started back in 2004, when I got my first post secondary certification as a Nail Technician. Ever since, I’ve continued to seek out every aspect of it…from fashion tips to the enchanting world of medical aesthetics.

Believe it or not – several years ago, I used to own and operate a Fine European Lingerie Boutique. Every little detail, from the cozy environment, warm lighting, adorable shopping bags, and soft scents, to the personalized service and carefully chosen products, was like an art form to me. I adored playing a part in creating that magical experience for my customers.

What sets me apart as a web designer, is that I’ve been where you are. I’ve learned what it takes to stand out as an elegant brand because, that was my world too.

My mission is to sprinkle some of that beauty and sophistication you bring your clients in person, into your online presence. Think of it as making sure that same charm and allure shines through every click, just like it does in your physical space.

With my background and unique experiences, I’m here to help bring your vision to life in this digital realm.

So whether you’re a beauty professional looking to captivate your audience or another elegant brand ready to shine online, let’s chat about how we can sprinkle some magic into every corner of your digital presence.

Let’s blend timeless elegance with modern flair – creating something truly beautiful with every digital touch we add.

Lingerie Boutique Window

My lingerie boutique!

Web Tools we prefer to use:

When choosing us to design and create your pretty little site, you are welcome to purchase and maintain the necessary registrations yourself, and provide us with required access – or – you can leave all the necessary updates and web kit and caboodle to us for a monthly maintenance fee.